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74 year old Postman Gran

 Anna Petukhova, we salute you!

"Anna Petukhov is probably the most unusual postman in the Kaluga region. She alone serves 11 villages – its plot extends for tens of kilometers. Parcels, letters, pensions, receipts and even products 73-year-old employee of the post office “Torbeevo” Maloyaroslavetsky district brings on his small jeep. For most customers, it is the only link with the outside world. ”We are also enters winter, spring and autumn mud – autobench ambulance and do not pass, the authorities do not drive. Only one I can get.”

"Anna became a postman in 1995, came as retired. ”Oh, how I tried to persuade as requested. Consent. Yes, I myself can not idle, I’ll former milkmaid. If I do not work, then go crazy, get to Bushmanovku.” (Psychiatric Regional Hospital in the town of Kaluga region Bushmanovka.) Please mail allocated pensioner bike but ride it was only possible in the summer, while the roads are dry, and stole it quickly. Then Petukhov own money bought a scooter – “ditched his grandson.” And two years ago the Moscow-law bought her ATV, 190 thousand rubles laid out as a pretty penny. ”He brought it as I waved her hands at once: no, I will not ride on such a dear, still smash. And in general, people laughed at me – that old uchudili, say. But then, what to do, began to learn to ride. Padala, jumped on potholes. From bruises did not come! And now I am the master, where it is necessary to give Gazkom where necessary – quieter meal. On such a machine never stuck it like a dog – jumping, jumping out of any hole. Though the case, and I stuck. Ushuruhalas, wheels can not see. But then a second as included, jumped out, pulled on the field, covered in mud. Came to the nearest village, screaming, “Nadia, come out, to wash me!"

 "A human ridicule Anna feared nothing. Very shy at first, cursed children: “At least you bought a quad bike black and then the red for three kilometers to see, ashamed,” wore sunglasses to on the road do not know. But then when I realized how her customers are happy to see, even on a bike, though a red jalopy, calmed down. After all, for some of her visits – a matter of life. ”Here I Kiryukhina village – there is one Grandma Olga Egorovna, lives at home with stool goes, based on her. Products She brings summer cottager, neighbor. A winter? If I do not come, then it has no pension, no bread will not. “ - And who of us doplyuhaetsya the regional center for the pension? - The conversation comes pensioner Maria Vasilyeva. She stopped at the house postwoman to treat her cat dry food Barsika. Village not only to Anna Alexandrovna with all reverence for Barsika universal respect also applies. – Or take a receipt for the light. Annie brings them to us, and how to pay? Well it is again necessary to go somewhere. So we give her money, she goes for paying our light. It is not required, but where to go? We very much regret it. Know how much she pay extra for delivery receipts?18 rubles! That’s so important for people who help the elderly. Whoever came up with this abuse, I used it all the face broke his stick.
“On the petrol does not give”This Anufrievna Maria came up with a couple of months ago to write a letter to the governor – to mark the selfless work of the village postman Petukhova. The letter was signed six retirees from the village Slyadneva. As a result, Anna Alexandrovna awarded.Presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation from the governor for his long and dedicated work, double blanket sheep and seven pieces of roses. ”At the petrol was not given! – Lamenting owner certificates. – And I only need a week to 20 liters. Neither form breech I do not have any bags to put down the newspaper. Vaughn gave backpack grandson-in-law gave a quad bike and a mini-sink for him Russian family friend help “.

"In backpack fuchsia Anna adds newspapers – “Lechebnik”, “News”, registered letters, receipts. Outputs from the garage ATV: “Before, in my youth, I was a horse, but this is much more convenient transportation. Feed is not necessary, less fuss. Summer I have it all without goryushko and freezes in the winter, it is necessary to pull zavodilovku – well, that’s his shoelace on the belly, dergalka. I already know when you want to pump up the wheel when the seat should Sima and wiring to connect to it to charge. And after work, I always wash it in the garage so dirty set – never, God forbid. care for him, as the child. “ Safety Anna also observes.Most importantly – do not stop along the way, no matter what happens. ”Often, people ran out into the road, hands rastopyrivat:” Stop! Annie, Carpool “I do not brake, even his own, though a stranger. With me money.” Most biker postman afraid robbery.Therefore, when it receives a pension, trying everything at once and razvezti no more to worry: “Then take me, and there will be nothing.” Before work Anna does not have breakfast, so as not seasick. Hungry leaves from the yard – and forward to the evening “ride through the mud.” On particularly dangerous sections of it like a cowboy, stands up in the saddle, and another at the entrance to the village of zooms – food, they say, dear, welcome. On the deserted streets signal is heard and who can perfectly – comes out.Rimma Sidorova, albeit with difficulty walking on ailing legs, but still she gets to the road – take a newspaper, talk, ask what’s new on the “mainland.” There is no electricity in the morning, the TV does not work, bored. ”Write to our postman gave medal war veteran – says Rima G.. – Then it will be an increase in pay.” Anna looks away in embarrassment: “Oh, come on, what are you.” Then clearly declares: “By law, – 460 rubles. Firewood and free.” Generally, Anna Petukhov proud of his work. And for those who forget about the importance of her work, is not shy to remind you: “Here is gone – howl.” But no one is offended. Cover-then nothing. So it is. Howl.Previously, on a site that caters to Anna, worked four postman. Now she was alone. And the post office “Torbeevo” small staff: Petukhov and her boss. ”If I resign, then close the mail. And I resign only if finally get old or if the ATV will not walk I can not walk. Everybody knows. So wish me health, and he, ATVs – to no damage.”

 “Kaka such love?”
- Previously we had large villages. In Slyadneva was 140 houses, there were dancing, the club was, and now 20 permanent residents will not be typed. So I have yet, of course, not so much. In Mitinke one pensioner in Lopatin – five in Mokrische – two in Lower Hills – three. One grandmother left in Russia, no grandfathers. ”Women tenacious – explains it odnofamilitsa Hope Petukhov, to which Anna went right into the house. – Although all unfortunates.” Postwoman agree – no happy women in Russia: “There is nothing good I’d ever seen. Starving after the war, lived-experienced anyhow. She got married – sorry for him, he took pity on me, okay? But the man turned out to be unlucky, cruel. Died okay. second husband drank all of the house passed. I gave him money to go to his mother went to Siberia, and he got to Moscow, all there to walk around and go back. itself with it came a train ticket bought, planted – and all cross. Solo raised three children, two girls and now live. Here they all right, so I’m glad. “ About love women refuse to talk. ”Kaka such love? – Hope Nikitichna sighs, too, by the way, the former postwoman. – We seen her? Affection We have not heard, all matrix peremat. It’s in your cities there … Well asked! It remains something of two meters to the cemetery. ”

 "Thinking women, however, report that now, perhaps, the best time of their lives. Children Attached, husbands and in-laws at the churchyard, and they are their own mistresses in their deserted villages. ”Good live alone – explains Anna Petukhov. – Nobody commands, one should not be afraid. Vehicles, its bathhouse, vegetable and potatoes. Nobody now not hungry. I have a pension 7000 but almost the same salary. What’s wrong? Tea with Never sand, cutlets do what they like! There are problems, but all – thank God. I was even afraid of fire because there is nobody to take my place … Oh, close the door, he immediately fired oven!. “ In the hut hot carpet in the house, the portraits on the walls and old children’s toys in the closet. Two friends-postwoman sit on the bed and laughing as a young man. All of them nicely: yes pension, cats, newspapers with a television program. They neither of whom are now independent and finally understood what freedom is. Want to – sit on a red quad bike and will be borne by all Russian pits, ditches on, over the abyss fly wherever he wants. Still medal Alexandrovna – and generally fine."

Source: Zarsas by Imroz Alam