Thursday, 15 February 2007

Anti Valentine

You can't beat a good bit of greeting card tolerance...

From The Middle East Times

"SRINAGAR, India --
A Muslim women's group in revolt-hit Indian Kashmir group burned greeting cards and beat young couples to stop people celebrating Valentine's Day, witnesses said Tuesday.

The separatist Dukhtaran-e-Millat (Daughters of the Nation) raided restaurants and showered blows on some couples and then burned cards during a rally in the summer capital's center, a witness said.

The group, along with an Islamic association called the Forum Against Social Evils, regularly wage morality campaigns against movies and other emblems of popular Western culture that they deem un-Islamic.

"We will not allow Western culture to take roots in Muslim Majority Kashmir," chanted several dozen marchers led by Dukhtaran-e-Millat chief Aasiya Andrabi.

Kashmir's Muslim population is socially conservative, but in recent years couples have openly dated in parks, restaurants, and Internet cafes.

The forum, an umbrella group that includes Dukhtaran-e-Millat, warned in newspaper ads last week that it would attack anyone found marking Valentine's Day in Kashmir where Islamic separatists have been battling New Delhi's rule since 1989.

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Anti Valentine

"Death to Valentine's Day!"

From the China Post

"Hardline Hindu activists protested against celebrations of St Valentine's Day in the Indian capital on Wednesday calling them immoral and a corruption of the country's ancient civilization.

Marking the year's most romantic day has become increasingly popular in India, led by retailers who do healthy business selling rose-colored greeting cards and heart-shaped balloons, and restaurants offering discount candlelight meals for two.

But it has also sparked demonstrations.

About 150 members of the pro-Hindu political party Shiv Sena gathered in New Delhi, shouting "Down with Western culture!" and "Death to Valentine's Day!" as they waved saffron-colored flags.

"Valentine's Day promotes obscene cards and nudity and encourages our youngsters to be publicly affectionate in parks and other places -- this is against our ancient civilization," said Jai Bhagwan Goyal, head of Shiv Sena in the capital.

"This western creation is corrupting our young people and making them have immoral thoughts ... we are already seeing that there are more evil crimes like rape happening in India." In Mumbai, the scene of violent protests in the past, love seemed to conquer all and the day passed off peacefully.

Tens of Shiv Sena protesters burnt Valentine's cards in the western city of Jaipur and tried to enter the city's main park to harass courting couples, but were stopped by police.

In the Muslim-majority state of Kashmir, at least a dozen women covered from head to toe in black burqas, stormed into several restaurants in Srinagar, telling couples to go home and stay away from "unIslamic" Valentine's Day celebrations.

"Valentine's Day is against Islamic teachings, our ethos and culture," said Andrabi, chief of Dukhtaran-e-Milat (Daughters of the Muslim Faith). Satellite television, the Internet, films and travel have led traditionally conservative middle class Indians to adopt more liberal attitudes towards sex.

But public hugging and kissing, even in urban areas, still invite angry stares, lewd comments and even beatings."

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Monday, 5 February 2007

Free Greeting Cards


Making a Difference One Greeting Card At A Time...

"On your request, we will send, by regular postal mail, with a first-class stamp, free of charge, a real paper "Thinking of You" or "Get-Well" greeting card, hand-addressed and handwritten to anyone within the US who is in need of emotional support and a kind encouragement.

Do you know anyone who is:

* Hurt emotionally
* Down with depression
* Hurt physically (accident, illness...)
* Hospitalized (either child or adult)
* Shut-in / lonely
* Going through divorce
* Laid off from work or lost a job by any other means
* Lost a loved one
* Going through especially trying times

"Ever since I can remember, I have always loved receiving mail and writing greeting cards by hand. Growing up in Communist Hungary, I hardly ever received mail so when I moved to the US in 1993 and found out that you can get a lot of free stuff here via mail, I have sent off for just about everything and I still do! I know firsthand the joy of receiving mail! Mail, especially hand-addressed mail makes you feel special. It makes you feel like someone took the time to sit down and handwrite your name and address! To this day I still await mail every day with the same joy and anticipation that I a child has awaiting the opening of presents on Christmas Eve. It is my prayer and my hope that my humble service,, will help spread joy, hope and inspiration to many waiting people worldwide and will help your organization raise the needed funds!!"

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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Hallmark Holiday

From Wiki

"A Hallmark Holiday is a disparaging term used to describe a holiday that exists primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a truly significant religious or secular event. The name comes from Hallmark cards, a company that presumably benefits from such manufactured events.

Examples of holidays that have been called as "Hallmark holidays" include Secretary's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Sweetest Day. Valentine's Day is likewise often cited as a holiday that has been co-opted by commercial interests to the point where it has been reduced in status to a "Hallmark holiday", though it does have a longer historic legacy than most."

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Cool Cards Anti Valentine

Valentine Cards

You won't find Valentines Cards at Cool Cards.

You know that demonstration and acknowledgment of Intimacy, Love, Celebration and Friendship is a daily event. We've got the best range of cards that know this as well as you do.

Cool Cards

Anti Valentine

From Amazon

The Break Up Bible (Paperback) by Ruth Graham

"101 True Stories to Make You Glad You're Single!"
"The perfect antidote to all that Valentine's schmaltz."
"...being single will never be scary again!"

"From unfaithful partners, shallow boyfriends and the big-mouthed parrot that gave the game away, to the lethal vagina, the blind date threatening suicide and the transexual guardsman in his girlfriend's wig, all of human life is here. And the best bit is, after reading what other people have gone through in pursuit of love being single will never be scary again!"

The stories are all told from the female perspective giving a huge insight into how women around the world see themselves, the men they form relationships with and bundles of advice on how to (or not) split from an unwanted partner. But this is not an anti-male book. Plenty of the tales revolve around the failings or misdemeanours of women. There are also a selection of stories from gay men and women, and checklists of how to spot when your relationship is failing, how to catch errant partners out and how to gain suitable revenge! This book is a great gift that friends can give to each other when one has broken up, or is getting divorced, or is simply feeling down."

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Anti Valentine

From Amazon

"Love Kills: Anti-Valentines Products"

"Not feeling the love this Valentines' Day? So if your flowers and chocolates didn't get delivered in time, boycott the L word and check out our collection of anti-Valentines products. Save ££s on the most unromantic things."

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Anti Valentine

Anti Valentine Cards

"The idea of the site is to provide an alternative card-sending service for all the people who think Valentine’s Day is sickly-sweet, exclusively coupley, consumerist nonsense or otherwise a bit naff."

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Anti Valentine


Valentine’s Day is all about sweet sayings and sweet nothings between sweethearts. These days it seems like it’s all about sweet somethings. Balloons, teddy bears, romantic cards, and - if your goals are really lofty - maybe even a ring.

Some call Valentine's Day a manufactured holiday. If you're a man, you know you better step it up - or end up in the doghouse. If you're a woman, you're hoping for the best - but preparing for the worst.

Right now, there are nearly 96 million unmarried and single people living in the United States. Stands to reason that a good chunk of them are probably not big fans of Valentine's Day. So now there's something for the unattached to get them through February 14th: Anti-Valentines Cards.

Another features a vintage 1970s-era photo of a boy holding a homemade valentine on the front. The caption below it reads, “The next day, little Timmy had his heart broken. Valentine’s Day sucks.”

One simply says, “Valentines Day sucks.”


Okay we've all been in the card aisle, what I like to call the pressure cooker. Do you go with traditional? Romantic? Or funny? So many choices. But this Valentine's Day there is another option.

That's right, the anti Valentine's Day card.

The card says 'they had shared a moment'. And then on the inside, 'a lifetime commitment was completely out of the question. Happy anti-valentine's day for the woman who knows what she doesn't want'.

"I promise you won't be alone forever. I know how much you like cats. Happy Valentine's Day."

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