Friday, 29 November 2013

Post Office Reminder Service

Christmas Last Posting Dates 2013 - Post Office Reminder Service
"We want to help you get your cards and gifts to family and friends in good time for Christmas, so we’ve provided a handy list of last posting dates. And to make Christmas 2013 with the Post Office a little easier we’ve also created a simple festive reminder service. Just let us know where you’ll be sending your items to and we’ll let you know when it’s time to post them."
Royal Mail - Last Recommended Christmas 2013 Posting Dates UK

First Class - Friday 20 December
Second Class - Wednesday 18 December
Special Delivery - Monday 23 December

Royal Mail - Last Recommended Christmas 2013 Posting Dates International Airmail

Western Europe - Saturday 14 December
USA - Friday 13 December
Eastern Europe - Monday 9 December
Australia - Thursday 5 December
Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand - Wednesday 4 December

Christmas - Last Posting Dates 2013 - Post Office
Cool Cards - Christmas Cards

Friday, 22 November 2013

Humanist Christmas Cards

We're loving these Christmas cards from the British Humanist Association.

This first one is especially clever. If you turn it upside down it says something quite different. Something which pre-dates Christmas by quite some way...

Here's a clue:

Buy these and more at the British Humanist Association

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Uncooked cards - quick while snark lasts

So long Nat and Armand and thanks for all the snark.

You know when a great poem, a verse, a saying or even a humble greeting card message really, really, hits the spot..? Kelly Ripa did...

"you and i make such a cute
couple i bet we could be models.
or at least i could be one.
you probably wouldn't make it
very far with those teeth
of yours."

Earth calling Uncooked cards... Hello, Uncooked Cards..? Come in. Over... Danger... Alert... Warning...

Having graciously (seemingly...) received the above Uncooked card from Live! with Kelly and Michael host Kelly Ripa, American Football player Michael Strahan, the gap-toothed Record Breaking New York Giants Defensive End might like a word, or two.

View, but buy, buy and then come back and buy more Uncooked cards at Cool Cards. They could become quite collectable... quite soon...
(If we don't have the above tooth related card in stock we'll most likely have some different ones - while stocks last...)

Uncooked Cards - UK
Uncooked Cards - USA

News just in

Michael has decided against paying Nat and Armand a visit.
Long live Uncooked cards.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

All You Need Is Cash - Roy Mayall

Royal Mail postie Roy Mayall isn't impressed, not one bit, by the "Love Is All You Need" TV advert. He considers that Royal Mail is failing to deliver and this is what he has to say:

"Here’s a summary of the whole advert, in one paragraph:
There’s a Sikh postie walking along a corridor; a little girl placing stamps upon a parcel; a pen drawing hearts in red ink upon a sheet of paper; a man paying for his parcel delivery on-line using a tablet computer; a shot within a parcel depot featuring parcels running on a conveyor belt with lasers reading the addresses; delivery to a café (the café owner opens his arms as if he’s about to embrace the postie) followed by a series of other deliveries in quick succession: to a stately home, to a garage complete with garage-band, to a little girl’s birthday party; a Muslim postie walking passed a training centre with the words “For Hire” painted on the wall; delivery to a factory; a black female postie smiling (the only woman postal worker in the advert); delivery to an upmarket London townhouse; two rain soaked posties; another Royal Mail parcel depot featuring brand new, sparkling-clean Royal Mail lorries; a Royal Mail lorry driving passed a remote rural village; a little girl opening up a letter box in anticipation of a delivery (an intense light bursts from the letter box like a mystical sign); that Sikh postie again, in a massive block of flats (an Indian woman answers the door wearing rubber gloves); another postie dwarfed by another huge, semi-circular block of flats, followed by the slogan, “We deliver one billion parcels a year”; a shot of a postal worker raising his arms in apparent blessing of the contents of a Royal Mail van (he’s like Jesus blessing the loaves and the fishes) ending with the words, “We love parcels.”
Everyone is smiling.
All of that to the words of All You Need Is Love:
Love, love, love
Love, love, love
Love, love, love
There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
It’s easy
All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need.
And there you have it: the hypocrisy of advanced capitalism in precisely one minute.
The Royal Mail delivers none of that. It doesn’t deliver love. It doesn’t deliver diversity. It doesn’t deliver a welcoming smile. It doesn’t deliver to stately homes, to garages or to birthday parties. It doesn’t deliver hope and anticipation. It doesn’t deliver mail to remote communities. It doesn’t deliver friendliness in the rain. It doesn’t even deliver parcels. We do all of that: the men and women of all backgrounds and ethnicities who work for the Royal Mail. That’s our job.
Now that it is privatised, the Royal Mail’s job is simply to deliver returns to its investors.
For a long time now the Royal Mail has been divided, between management and postal workers, between those who see it as a business, and those who see it as a service. The people who commissioned that advert are the former rather than the latter. It’s not a service to them, it’s a way of making money."
 Continues at: Roy Mayall - All You Need Is Cash

Super Happy Posties

Just look how happy all the Royal Mail Posties are since the recent privatisation..!

"We love parcels. In fact, we deliver 1 billion of them a year.

We're launching our first major TV advertising campaign in six years featuring our postmen and women, and the voices of the Royal Mail Choir.

In the advert shows what our postmen and women do what they do best; delivering parcels to people across the nation.

The advert shows the care and commitment taken by our people to deliver parcels to addresses across the UK no matter the weather, as well as the joy people feel when they receive their parcels.

It's being launched at the start of Royal Mail's build up to Christmas 2013; the company opens 10 temporary parcel sort centres across the UK on Monday, November 4th, as part of its planning for the festive season deliveries.

The advert features the iconic Beatles song "All You Need is Love" sung by the Royal Mail Choir. It was recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, 46 years after 'The Beatles' recorded the original version."

Friday, 1 November 2013

Postman Pat and his black and white cat

 "My name is Pat. When I'm not playing music, I work part-time as a postman.

That's right - I'm Postman Pat! The other day I was delivering a parcel - I knelt down to write out a card for a customer, and this happened!

It's Postman Pat and his black & white cat... you couldn't make it up...."

 "So, two days after the friendliest cat in the world made itself at home on my back, I was delivering a parcel to a customer and had an unexpected visitor. This cat decided that it wanted to explore my van...

Not as funny as the last video but the cat lovers will appreciate it I'm sure!"