Saturday, 6 January 2007

Writing for Greeting Cards

From the Greeting Card Association.

We have all looked at cards and thought 'I could do that!'

However, it is hard to get a piece of writing published. It is only when you decide to have a go yourself that you come to appreciate that, somewhere along the line, talent and skill actually come into it.

So what is the best way to go about it? Where do you start?
There are generally three styles of writing in greeting cards:

  • Verse
  • Prose
  • Punchlines

What is your forte?

What are you best at? Usually the best way to start is by acknowledging your strengths. Even if you can turn your hand to any style there will usually be one at which you excel.

Research the market.

The best place is your local high street card shop. Go in take a look, see who the publishers are in the market you are aiming for and take a note of the publisher. This is important, you can imagine how unprofessional is would look to send a punchline to someone whose cards are blank! Most publishers do print their names and addresses on the reverse of the card. It is worth jotting down as much as you can.

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