Monday, 1 January 2007

Cool Cards Featured in Zink Magazine

Cool Cards are proud to be featured in the December edition of Zink!
"...which certainly explains why this UK site features more than its fair share of innovative cards from an assortment of creators and presses...".

"Zink is an American magazine that showcases emerging and reinvented talent in the world of international fashion, beauty, design, art and entertainment.

Zink’s readers have intensified social instincts and a heightened sense of justice. They feel that power comes from both outward appearance and intellect. They are extremely interested in fashion, beauty, style and entertainment. Zink readers
approach life with an attitude centered around sharp satire and irony, and expand their horizons by questioning the world around them.

CRAZY: This group experienced a lot growing up: their parents getting divorced, AIDS era, downsized parents, Internet, gangs and ramped up TV violence and sex. As a result they were driven to independence. Because they were not coddled like the generation behind them (Gen Y), they have entrepreneurial spirits and eclectic styles.

SEXY: This group is all about being sexy; mind, body and soul. They adore fashion idols and supermodels. Their quest for early independence helped them take charge and show the power of their voice. They are highly educated: book smart and street smart. Their entrepreneurial ways push them to defy and question traditional structures. Nothing is sexier than confidence and wit!

COOL: They possess fierce and intelligent sarcasm, imagination and creativity. They adore fortune, fame, spirituality, social consciousness, technology, nostalgia, sensuality and gender neutral perspectives."

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