Thursday, 25 January 2007

Greeting Card Email Malware Alert

From Security Park

"A major new malicious attack that has been affecting internet users since 2:00 GMT today. New variants of the Dorf family of malware (which had previously spread as breaking news of deaths caused by European storms) are now using disguises associated with love and greeting cards".

"A wide variety of subject lines are being used in the spam campaign, including "You're so Far Away", "I Dream of you", "Dream Date Coupon", "Together You and I", "A Bouquet of Love", "So in Love" and "Cuddle Up". Attached to the emails are files called 'flash postcard.exe' or 'greetingcard.exe'. When opened, the worm attempts to send itself to other email addresses found on the recipient's PC, while also attempting to download further malicious code from the internet, designed to take over the computer and use it to send spam on behalf of hacking gangs".

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