Saturday, 6 January 2007

Understanding Emotions

Essential information for the aspiring Greeting card writer.

From BBC Radio 4 - Emotional Rollercoaster.

Why have we evolved to experience emotions?

The emotions have long been ignored by psychologists, who have concentrated on more easily measurable processes like memory and learning. But social scientists are now finally focussing on feelings, as evidence piles up that we are at the mercy of our emotions.

Emotions are defined as complex reactions that engage our bodies and minds. After the success of the first series of Emotional Rollercoaster, Claudia Hammond climbs aboard again to examine 5 more emotions. In each programme she'll range from why we've evolved to experience it to how the brain produces it, introducing us both to the scientists who are conducting the latest research and to people like you and me who ride the emotional rollercoaster daily.

Listen again - Series 1 -
Fear, Anger, Guilt & Shame, Sadness and Jealousy

Listen again - Series 2 - Disgust, Joy, Sympathy, Love and Hope

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