Saturday, 6 January 2007

BBC Radio - Greeting Cards

From BBC Radio Shop Talk.

Perhaps you didn't know but in Britain we send more greetings cards per head than any other country in the world.
Our market is worth £1.5 billion a year, and we spend more on cards that we do on tea and coffee. And it was in the UK that the industry was born 150 yrs ago by the man who was responsible for the penny post - Sir Henry Cole. History aside, why do we send so many cards and why, in this regard, are we so unlike our cousins in continental Europe?

And can men in any numbers be persuaded to buy cards. Currently 85% of all purchases are made by women. And in the future might the industry come under threat as e-greetings - on computers and mobiles - come of age?


David Orr
president The Greeting Card Association

Janie Markham
The Art Group

Mike Bugler
Clinton Cards

Sandra Louden
greeting card message writer & Author: Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards & A Few, Choice Words: Short "Do-Able" Writing That Sells

Sarah Danby
co-founder Cinnamon Aitch

Tom Hewlett
The Portland Gallery

Will Walsh
founder Sharp Cards

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