Friday, 6 September 2013

Uncooked cards - Elite review

Our lovely friends Nat and Armand at Uncooked cards are featured in a great review by the supercool Generation Y groovers Kayla Inglima & Stephanie Freeman at Elite daily

"Ever find yourself in the card isle at your local convenience store pondering – for what feels like hours – what card will best communicate what you want to say? Should you go with the sentimental one, or funny one? Cursive transcriptions describing how much you love your significant other, or a teaser of a model on the cover for your horny friend? But what if none of those are really your voice? You’re not the mushy sap or the corny friend. You’re the cool and funny person who needs a greeting card to match just that. Well, fret no more! Uncooked has the perfect greeting cards for you.
Whether you want to say it, shouldn’t say it or don’t have the balls to say it, you can find an absurdly funny greeting card at Uncooked offers a line of more than 175 cards in every category imaginable: birthday, love, get well soon, friendship, thinking of you, congrats, anniversary, thank you (and you’re welcome), missing you, sorry, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the holidays, etc."

Cool Cards - Uncooked Cards