Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Snark Whisperers - Uncooked cards

We don't have a favourite New York greeting card company, but if we did have a favourite New York greeting card company, Uncooked cards would be our number one favoutite New York greeting card company.

We always imagine Nat and Armand - the genius snarkbrains behind Uncooked cards - to look exactly like this:

But no. New York style magazine The Aesthete shows them to look like this:

And then they go on to say:
In an age when entrepreneurship is hot, Armand and Nat Prisco are sizzling. Together, the couple is the wit, snark and humor behind Uncooked—a brazen independent line of greeting cards they founded in 2004. On a recent sunny morning in their airy Tribeca apartment, the two talked business, marriage and parenthood, laughing at their unconventional experiences with all three.
 “When we started [Uncooked], we were just looking for a way out of the corporate world,” Nat says from their sizable, picnic-like dining table. The pair met in 2000 while they were both working in advertising at McCann Erickson—she as a copywriter and he as an art director. “We would pitch ideas and everyone would say ‘You guys are too weird,’” Nat recalls. “So we’d sort of hide in our office and think of other things to do with our life.” Her knack for creative copy and his illustration background made greeting cards an ideal venture. “It was like taking these stupid skills we had…” Armand says. “…And making them into something stupider,” Nat finishes.
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