Monday, 15 July 2013

Harrogate - Home & Gift - 2013

We've really enjoyed bringing Euro greeting card love to Cool Cards of late what with our German Inkognito cards and French Nouvelle Images cards but we've been looking for some home grown love at the Home and Gift show in Harrogate and we struck gold...

In at number 1.  
The Feel Better / Get Well Humanist Greeting Card Award goes to: Amy Thorpe of Ryland Design Studios for the most appropriate and sensitive sample card. Why appropriate? Because of my arm being in a sling as a result of a broken collarbone. 
Amy's beautiful cards are made in the UK from recycled board and use recycled envelopes.


Thank you Amy :) x

In at number 2.
We hoped to find something new and fresh and standout cool and we did just that when we spotted My World who won our Geek Chic Award with their For Science! range.


The above card is called "Oxytocin".

My World also stood out from the crowd for their Good Sport range which ticked a lot of boxes for that most difficult creature to buy cards for... Man.

In at number 3.
Next, we went looking to beef up Cool Cards and remind ourselves why our strapline is: "The Art of Greeting Cards". The clear winner of the Art Card Award went to Col Cards. We can honestly say that Col Cards produce the most beautifully finished fine art cards we have ever seen. Bar none. 
There's no way the images can ever do justice to the detail, embossing and foil finish of these cards which are printed and finished in their premises in Malvern.

In at number 4.
The hands down winner of Cool and Quirky Award went to the ever wonderful Simon Drew. We've had cards from Simon before but we were delighted to see so many brilliantly punny new designs. We did want to meet and say hello to Simon at the show, but he was busy... listening to the cricket on the radio. Bless.

In at number 5.
The Funny Card Award went to Redback cards for both their Cyanide & Happiness range and their Wulffmorgenthaler range. Again, we've stocked these laugh-out-loud cards in the past and look forward to adding some of their great new designs to Cool Cards.

So. Thank you Harrogate. A successful haul of fantastic new cards which will soon be available from Cool Cards..! Check us out on Facebook to be sure of being the first to know when we have them online..!