Sunday, 4 February 2007

Anti Valentine


Valentine’s Day is all about sweet sayings and sweet nothings between sweethearts. These days it seems like it’s all about sweet somethings. Balloons, teddy bears, romantic cards, and - if your goals are really lofty - maybe even a ring.

Some call Valentine's Day a manufactured holiday. If you're a man, you know you better step it up - or end up in the doghouse. If you're a woman, you're hoping for the best - but preparing for the worst.

Right now, there are nearly 96 million unmarried and single people living in the United States. Stands to reason that a good chunk of them are probably not big fans of Valentine's Day. So now there's something for the unattached to get them through February 14th: Anti-Valentines Cards.

Another features a vintage 1970s-era photo of a boy holding a homemade valentine on the front. The caption below it reads, “The next day, little Timmy had his heart broken. Valentine’s Day sucks.”

One simply says, “Valentines Day sucks.”


Okay we've all been in the card aisle, what I like to call the pressure cooker. Do you go with traditional? Romantic? Or funny? So many choices. But this Valentine's Day there is another option.

That's right, the anti Valentine's Day card.

The card says 'they had shared a moment'. And then on the inside, 'a lifetime commitment was completely out of the question. Happy anti-valentine's day for the woman who knows what she doesn't want'.

"I promise you won't be alone forever. I know how much you like cats. Happy Valentine's Day."

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