Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Zombie Valentine

Be my Valintestine.

"Cruising my local Clinton Cards in the weeks before Valentine's Day I noticed a cavernous gap in the market. There are all sorts of slushy teddy bear and bunny rabbit cards available but I couldn't find any that feature reanimated corpses or internal organs being eaten.
As I was sure that there must be a huge market for this kind of card I immediately set about rectifying the situation through the medium of linocut.

I'm sure your loved ones would be delighted to receive an original living dead message of love this February 14th.
Enjoy – I'm off to go and see if anyone from Clinton's or are interested!

PS. while you are free to download and use the images for personal use please don't go using my cards for commercial gain as that would make me very sad indeed."

Source: Quinky Art

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