Friday, 7 September 2007

The Gallery Collection, Vegetable-based inks

The Gallery Collection, the leading business Christmas card and personal Christmas card publisher, announces the use of vegetable-based inks in the printing of its greeting cards. The publishing company, which recently decided to go green, has been making numerous eco-friendly investments to show the company’s dedication and commitment to a cleaner environment.

The Gallery Collection’s greeting cards are finished at print shops that utilise agri-based inks made from vegetable oils, such as linseed oil. These vegetable-based inks were common prior to the 1960s, but petroleum-based inks popularized over the past several decades due to cheaper costs.

Petroleum-based inks, however, negatively impact the environment and print shop workers. These inks contain hazardous metals that contaminate the soil and groundwater when released into the environment. These inks also contain harmful solvents that emit volatile organiccompounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, causing air pollution and ozone depletion. And when inhaled by print shop workers, VOCs can cause an array of illnesses such as bronchitis or depression.

Used as a substitute for petrochemical inks, vegetable inks significantly reduce toxic VOCs, benefiting the environment, the atmosphere, and print shop workers. Vegetable inks are also developed from renewable sources, whereas the global supply of petroleum will be exhausted indefinitely in years to come.

“The Gallery Collection is committed to making decisions that minimally impact the environment,” declared H.L. DeVore, Chief Marketing Officer of Prudent Publishing, The Gallery Collection’s parent company. “As a publisher of greeting cards, we have an obligation to our planet. We want our company to leave a smaller imprint on the environment, and this needs to reflect all aspects of our business…including the ink used to print our cards.”

To learn more about agri-based inks, please visit The Gallery Collection’s vegetable-based inks information page at

ABOUT THE GALLERY COLLECTION – Prudent Publishing’s The Gallery Collection is the leading publisher of premium quality personal Christmas cards and business Christmas cards in the United States. Established in 1929 and still family owned, the company offers direct-from-the-publisher prices that include customized ink and foil imprints, a large selection of memorable greetings, and matching deckle-edged envelopes made of recycled paper. The Gallery Collection also offers birthday cards, sympathy cards, and personal photo cards.

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