Saturday, 26 September 2015

Peter & Jane & Miriam - Ladybird Spoof and the Wrath of Penguin

"I wanted an iPhone" 
"I could paint that"

iPhone ladybird card

You know our spoofy Ladybird cards? Artist Miriam Elia only went and did some variations on a theme of her own and Ladybird books were not happy... As in Artist's spoof Ladybird book provokes wrath of Penguin not happy.

"An artist and comedian has been told by the publisher Penguin that her new satirical art book breaches its copyright, and if she continues to sell copies it could use the courts to seize the books and have them pulped.
Elia's version sees them visiting an exhibition at a modern art gallery and grappling with existential questions about the nature of Tracey Emin-style conceptualist work, much of it peppered with distinctly adult imagery.

Elia, an accomplished artist who trained at the Royal College of Art and has shown in a number of prestigious galleries, produced all the pictures in the book, We Go to the Gallery, herself. Some she painted, while some were collages made from scenes cut from old Ladybird books.





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Radio 4 - Womans Hour - Miriam Elia - satirical parody of the classic children’s picture book 
Artist Miriam Elia discusses her book We Go To The Gallery, a strictly for adults satirical parody of the classic children’s picture books. Miriam talks about making art funny, creating the book with her brother and the impact of her own childhood trips to galleries.

The commercial edition of We Go To The Gallery by M and E Elia is available from 21st September (2015). An artists edition of the book is out now.