Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Cards - Weekend Roundup

A brief summary of the bumper crop of super cool new cards this week over at Cool Cards.

First up, we're well pleased with our latest additions from Urban Graphic. They've revamped their Scrawl cards which are now bigger, bolder and brassier...

Next, a quite lovely new range from Bright Side cards. We often don't stock cards with special, shiny, card finishes because online images completely fail to do them justice. But we liked these so much we thought we'd give them a try. And we're happy we did.

Another new line for Cool Cards from Waldo Pancake (otherwise known as Jim Smith).
Again we weren't sure about trying these... They seemed a bit 'simple' somehow. 
But - as usual - we were proved wrong and they've been very popular.

So far so good?

Next up. More tricky ones from the 1000 Words range. Why tricky? Well, we've found that cards without words - online - aren't as popular as cards with words. Why? Dunno. We did once hear from a rep that the further north you go, the more customers prefer words over images. And the more words the better..! - Tight Northerners ;)

Anyway... these have proved to be very popular .

And to wrap up, a charmingly sweet new range from Bald Guy. Ian at Bald Guy cards tells us that this new range was designed with a "Slightly European" vibe in mind... What do you think? Can California do Europe? 

We only put them online a couple of hours ago, so it's early days for us.

From Cool Cards, that's all folks.