Monday, 1 August 2011

Dyslexic Font - CCQ 1

Cool Cards Quality (CCQ) calling Dyslexia Font... Come in Dyslexia Font...  Dyslexia Font, Come In...
Dyslexia has never been so accessible. We've all heard about it and we all know something about it.... So how hard could it to be to find a Dyslexia friendly font to add to our personalised card options at Cool Cards? 

Let's start with the experts:

Royal National Institute of Blind People - RNIB Fonts 
Wiki - RNIB

RNIB have this to say about Fonts:
A reasonable amount of research has been conducted to try and identify an optimum font for legibility and to investigate user preferences for fonts by sighted, blind and partially sighted people. To date this research has produced mixed results, with no single font standing out, but there were some commonalities which may help guide your font choice.

    Choose a clear font with easily recognisable characters
    Avoid ornate fonts, or those simulating handwriting
    Select a medium weight of character - not too thin, but not very thick

Research has been equally inconclusive about the benefits of serif or sans-serif fonts, with an almost equal number of reports recommending each. We therefore currently suggest that you can use either type of font, as long as the typeface is clear and the characters are distinct.

Last updated: 21 July 2010

"A reasonable amount of research" ...  Well that's helpful... What research? Any links to sources? Please? A Wiki link even...? Anything...? No? Nothing... Not impressed so far.

"not too thin, but not very thick" 
Ok now we're getting somewhere... 

"Select a medium weight of character" 
Yes! Success..!

"Research has been equally inconclusive about the benefits of serif or sans-serif fonts" 
That narrows it down...
"Last updated: 21 July 2010"
Over a year ago? 

Cutting edge legibility information from our leading sight loss Charity which raised over £110 millilon in 2009/10... Hello?

"Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the UK's leading charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight loss."

£110 million divided by "almost two million people with sight loss"... (less expenses of course..) 

Maybe this is a bit simple but... do you not think a bit more time and research would have gone into readability..?

No recommended fonts. Not even any recommendation of no brainer beginner error fonts to avoid.

But, don't become confused or disheartened. Just stick with a medium weight serif or sans-serif. You'll be fine.

RNIB CCQ score for improvements towards dyslexia font readability suggestions : 0-10