Thursday, 19 May 2011

Jesus & Mo cards are go!

Available exclusively from Cool Cards, today saw the launch of our Jesus & Mo cards..!

Jesus & Mo is a British webcomic strip which began in 2005. 

Jesus & Mo won the 2011 Washington Post Riffy Award in both the "Best Comic" and "Best Webcomic" categories.

We asked the Author of Jesus & Mo:

Q. What is Jesus & Mo?
A. Since 2005 it’s been a comic strip dealing in religious satire.

Q. Is that really the Prophet Mohammed?
A. No, it’s a body double. Mohammed couldn’t make it, as he has been dead for centuries.

Q. Is that really Jesus?
A. Yes, that is really Jesus. I don’t know how he does it, but he always finds time in his busy schedule to appear in the comic whenever someone loads a J&M page in their browser.

Q. Is that really Moses?
A. Enough already.

Q. Why is the Barmaid never drawn?
A. It is forbidden. Plus, I can’t draw barmaids.