Monday, 4 April 2011

How much does a first class stamp cost?

BBC Link. Members of the public talk to the BBC about how much they think one first class stamp costs.

Have a guess? The gentleman on the left suggests "£4?"

"From Monday 4 April, the price of a first class stamp for standard items is rising 5p to 46p. The cost of a second class stamp is rising 4p to 36p.

It is the largest increase since first-class postage began in 1968. But Royal Mail says "UK stamp prices for standard letters weighing up to 100g will continue to be amongst the lowest in Europe".

The price of First and  Second class stamps for standard items weighing up to 100g will rise by 5p to  46p and 4p to 36p respectively.

The cost of a Large Letter  stamp will rise by 9p to 75p for First Class items and 7p to 58p for Second  Class mail.

Cool Cards have again held the cost of postage. We have not passed on the Royal Mail increase to our customers.

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