Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In praise of: Royal Mail

Junk Mail

  • The average home receives over 200 items of unwanted junk mail every year.
  • Over half a million tonnes of junk mail is generated annually in the UK.
  • UK junk mail uses 3.5 million trees each year.
Source: BBC - Junk Mail - Climate Change
  • 17.5 billion pieces of junk mail are produced every year in the UK. This includes both addressed and unaddressed junk mail.
  • To produce all this junk mail 550,000 tonnes of paper and 16.5 billion litres of water are used.
  • 650 pieces of junk mail are posted through the average British letterbox every year.
  • On average 80 pieces of addressed junk mail are sent out to the 583,000 people who die every year in the UK following their death.
Source: Stop Junk Mail

How can you help combat climate change, save over 4kg of CO2 a year, reduce landfill, reduce the need for recycling and help postie at the same time? Here's one very simple way to do it: Sign up to the Mailing Preference Service and opt out of junk mail.

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