Friday, 31 July 2009

Psychology of Happiness

The Science of Happiness

Of course we all know all too well the immense, nay overwhelming, joy and happiness that can result of receiving a surprise greeting card from our loved ones, but what else can bring about an improvement in our mood?

Richard Wiseman aims to find out with his latest research study.
"We have just launched an ambitious new mass participation experiment designed to help cheer up the world! We need as many people as possible to take part, so please join in and feel free to encourage your friends, family and colleagues. It will take less than a minute each day".
More details at

Seems Richard has started a recent Blog too, well worth a gander.

‘Excellent! A triumph of scientifically proven advice over the myths of self-help. Uplifting and long over-due’
Derren Brown

What's this got to do with greeting cards..? Not a lot. The somewhat tenuous link is with 'charity cards'. Richard Wiseman describes the following study: New Research: The baby in the wallet

"What is the best thing to put in your wallet to help increase the chances of it being returned if lost?

To find out, Prof Wiseman bought 240 wallets and filled them with the same set of everyday items, including raffle tickets, discount vouchers, and fake membership cards. Next, one of four photographs was added to four batches of forty wallets. The photographs depicted either a smiling baby, a cute puppy, a happy family, or a contented elderly couple. Another 40 wallets contained a card suggesting that the owner had recently made a contribution to charity, whilst the final batch of forty acted as a control and contained no additional item.

Within a week around half of the wallets were returned and a clear pattern emerged. Of the wallets that made their way back, only a handful were from the control group, or contained the charity card. The results from the wallets containing a photograph of the elderly couple, cute puppy, or happy-looking family were slightly more impressive, with return rates of 28%, 53% and 48% respectively. However, the winning wallets were those with the photograph of the smiling baby, taking poll position with an impressive 88% return rate".

Think back to when you first saw this piece, how did you feel when you saw the photo of the smiling baby?

So, to increase the chances of having your wallet returned, stick a cute baby photo in your wallet!
Me, I've put two dozen photo's in mine in the hope that not only might I get my wallet back, but that someone might stick an extra tenner in as well..!

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