Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Postman Pot...

Jail for postman too stoned to deliver the mail

Rarely we receive an email : Subject - Order not received.
Blame the...

"A YORK postman has been jailed for burning stacks of mail in his garden after smoking so much cannabis he was too lazy to deliver it.
Neil Goddard, 32, was given a 12-month sentence after he set up a huge cannabis factory in his bedroom and managed to cultivate 8,000 pounds of the drug.

But he smoked so much of it over a year-old period that he was too high to bother delivering thousands of items of post.

Judge Stephen Ashurst told him at York Crown court: "All postmen know that those who interfere with the post in the course of their work face severe consequences. They are inevitably sacked and very often go to prison.

"You went to very considerable lengths to set up what I regard as a professional cannabis unit. I could not possibly justify passing a community sentence for what you did."

Alan Mitcheson, prosecuting, said police found sacks of undelivered mail at Goddard's house, a pit containing charred fragments of junk mail and a cannabis unit in his bedroom capable of growing many crops.

They also found 227 letters and parcels and 9,675 leaflets and other door-to-door items which should have been delivered between April 2007 and March 2008. After checking Royal Mail records, they found Goddard had claimed £170 for 13 postal rounds he had never even started.

David Dixon, defending, said: "This was laziness brought about by excessive cannabis use. He stopped delivering junk mail which some may say was a public service."

Goddard admitted growing cannabis and was convicted of a charge of intending to supply it to others after a trial in April. He also asked for ten more offences of claiming payment for undelivered junk mail to be taken into consideration".

Source: Yorkshire Post

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