Monday, 27 April 2009

The Postie Bike Challenge

From the Outback to the Snow
Brisbane to Melbourne - the long way!

3-12 October 2009

Australian Posties get around on these beautiful little Honda
CT110 motorcycles...

How do you fancy a trip of a lifetime and raise funds for charity at the same time..?

"The Challenge
The Postie Bike Challenge is a truly unique experience. It is not a tour or a rally. There is nothing we can say that will ever prepare you for the way you'll feel travelling through the outback, sun in your face, awe-inspiring expansive landscape, having not seen another rider for the past hour, or riding in a pack through pristine world heritage rainforest.

Since 2002 adventurous motorcyclists from all walks of life leave behind their "everyday lives" to take part in the Postie Bike Challenge, to ride 3-4000 kilometres through some of Australia's most spectacular country. Originally started as a one-off event to prove that small motorcycles could travel long distances over both bitumen and dirt roads, the Postie Bike Challenge has gained a life of its own through the enthusiasm of motorcycle riders from all over the world".

The Postie Bike Challenge 2009

Previous Postie Bike Challenges (click links for images):
2002 and 2003 Brisbane to Darwin
2004 and 2005 Brisbane to Adelaide
2006 Brisbane to Alice Springs
2007 & 2008 Brisbane to the Gulf of Carpentaria

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