Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Royal Mail Christmas Stamps 2008

Royal Mail Christmas Stamps 2008

A secular issue, for the most part, from Royal Mail featuring a Pantomime theme.

The Pantomimes set:

2nd class and 2nd class Large
- The Ugly Sisters from Cinderella

1st class and 1st class Large
- The Genie from Aladdin

50p - Captain Hook from Peter Pan

81p - The Wicked Queen from Snow White.

Reprinted from the Royal Mail 2007 Christmas issue:

Madonna - 1st Class
The Madonna of Humility by
Lippo di Dalmasio

Madonna - 2nd Class
Madonna and Child by William Dyce

Technical details:
Pantomime: Designed by Steve Haskins and the team at So Design Consultants, Bristol, using photographs by Peter Thorpe. Printed in gravure by De La Rue on self-adhesive paper in sheets of 50.
Madonna: Formatting and typography are by Peter Willberg.
These stamps are also printed by De la Rue in gravure. The small stamps are definitive size - 20 x 24mm - and the Large Letter stamps 30 x 24mm. See note below pictures.
The Miniature Sheet is conventionally gummed. It contains the six stamps, arranged as a block of 4 and a pair, within an illustrated border.
As the stamps are definitive-sized, the Christmas stamp booklets will be the same size as definitive books of 12. There will be two different 1st class and two different 2nd class books of 12.

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