Sunday, 15 June 2008

Father's Day Exposé

Are Dads Portrayed Fairly in the Media and Greeting Cards?
Joeprah on Father's Day Cards...

"Happy Father's Day You Lazy Alcoholic

Is this what society is saying to dads across America? The answer seems to be a resounding yes. If you have been shopping for a Father’s Day card for your husband/father/father-in-law you may have had to sift through the less than flattering clichés cards that portray dads in a none too favorable light. Moms have to deal with cliché cards too, but theirs aren’t based on them being horrible people. According to the cards, moms cook, clean, have rollers in their hair, juggle many things at once, and eat chocolate. Dads on the other hand are very different. According to the greeting cards I surveyed this year, dads are poor caregivers, drink in excess, constantly golf and or fish, pass gas constantly, grill food 24/7, seldom leave the cozy confines of their couch except to spend hours in the bathroom, and if they ever get lost on the way to the bathroom they never ever ask for directions..."

Source: Fatherhood Examiner
Source: My Life As A Stay At Home Dad

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