Saturday, 24 May 2008

Father's Day v Mother's Day - In Coversation

Father's Day greeting cards: In conversation with Cool Cards employee Mark Blaseby, Senior Mailboy (due to his age).

Hi Mark!

M: Who are you? You've not been down in the basement before? Only joking boss! What you after this time? Tapping my brain again? I sould have some of your pay!

Great to see you Mark, excellent work you do down here!
I'd like your input, I want to ask you, Father's Day cards. Why the contrast in design, sentiment and expenditure as compared to Mother's Day cards?

M: I don't think men really want these mushy slushy sentimental cards. I think its a macho thing. We don't like to openly display our emotions. And also we like to be able to take a joke at our expense. It helps depict the fun picture us fathers are. You never see any humorous Mother's Day cards, women, they can't take a joke. The last thing you want to hear is a soppy sentiment, kids either like us or they don't and we know that with or without a card. They have their own way of expressing their feelings toward you. Mothers are used to receiving open displays of sentiment throughout the year. And therefore receiving a sentimental card is the norm so to speak, they expect that type of card. The father maybe almost embarassed by it. New paragraph!

M: What I would like to say about Father's Day cards, is why do so many depict Steam Engines and Lawnmowers, Yachting and Golfing? What else is there? Why did I forget Football? And I forgot Beer didn't I? There has to be more to us than that, or is there? What we need is P**N! Only joking! You'll edit that out won't you boss? Seriously, if I knew the answer to that one I could make myself a bit of money. Unlike working for you!

Thank you Mark. Your Fired.

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