Saturday, 11 August 2007

Wind Power Cards

Greeting Card Publisher, Gallery Collection, Announces Wind Power Commitment
"We are trying to do the right thing for our planet," declared H.L. DeVore, Chief Marketing Officer of Prudent Publishing. "We want to conduct our business in a fashion that minimally impacts the environment and makes good economic sense."
The Gallery Collection's commitment to wind power actually began in 2006, but the company made the decision to stay quiet and see how the political and economic landscape developed for "green corporate behavior." DeVore admits to some reluctance about making the move to wind power, stating: "It seems there are always people looking to criticize you for not going far enough." He further comments, "These critics hurt the world and make people reluctant to do their small part. Green should not be about extremes. Green should not be a political issue. We are trying to do our small part to help the environment and send energy dollars into friendlier hands."
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Wind Power to Propel The Gallery Collection into the Future
The Gallery Collection has made a commitment to wind power energy, specifically in the manufacturing of our greeting card stock and envelope stock. Currently, we sell 163 (cards) that are produced in windpower paper mills. Additionally, all of our envelopes are made in these eco-friendly facilities which are utilizing Green-e (.:Click:.) certified renewable energy.
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Cool Cards comment: We haven't been able identify which paper mills are used in order to validate these statements. Perhaps Gallery Collection could provide further information?
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Cool Cards were very pleased to receive a comment from Mr. DeVore, who informs us that The Gallery Collection use paper mills owned by Mohawk Fine Papers.
Many thanks Mr. DeVore and congratulations on your excellent green credentials!

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